Disneyland, Paris

This morning I arrived in Paris together with my 10 year old nees. We went straight out to Disneyworld. The weather was lousy - stormy and constantly raining. "The good thing about it is that it probably will be less people there, because of the weather", I said cheerful to Deci. Why am I always som idioticly positive?!? It was absolutely NOT less people. We had to que for 75 (!) minutes to go on a roller-coaster, that then lasted for 3 minutes. The next roller-coaster, we only had to wait 55 minutes. And when the parade turned up in the streets, it was so croweded my nees couldn't see anything. But still we've had a fantastic day and are going back tomorrow again. I'll bring some photos from there, in tomorrows blog. Welcome also Schlagerfiasko, in the coments field. So great that this english blog has got more and more visitors in such a short while. See ya all tomorrow. :-)

Postat av: Raoni

I hope you spent less time on queues today!

By the way, I just saw the Nag video. It's really nice! I love that you keep making videos for your songs! (you should release them in a dvd someday!)

Enjoy Paris!

2012-01-05 @ 01:22:37

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