Eldsjälsgalan on tv and new video

Sator and I performed together with the Sham 69 punk song "If The Kids Are United" in Eldsjälsgalan on tv 4 yesterday.
It was so great fun to sing with them. They're fantastic musicians and also to hang around with backstage and in the bar later. Hope we get a chance to do a gig togehter again soon.

I'm so happy to finally have done this rock cd. It's a dream come true and even more than that. I would never had dared hoping to get the chance to perform and record with all these fantastic rockers like Sator, Clawfinger, Joacim Cans and Mikkey Dee. 

Next week you will find the new video of "Nag" here and on you tube. :-)

Since this english blog is brand new, I would like to welcome Raoni as the first blog guest in the coments field.
See ya all tomorrow! :-)
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Eric Saade and Sator


Backstage with Eric Saade and Sator

New video of "Nag" will turn up here and on you tube, next week. :-)


Getting my hair done for tonights tv-show. What's it gonna look like in the end?!? Aaaargh!


Tv-rehearsal together with the band Sator. Eldsjälsgalan in tv 4 tonight. :-)


Ooops, the english blog got a bad start. Sorry! I've been ill with high fever, coughing and finally I had to start taking penicillin yesterday. I've struggled to find strength to do some work anyway, but the blog and twitter has felt less important these days. But now I'm back on track. I'll start writing in the blog tomorrow again as usual. Goodnight! :-)

Welcome! :-)

Now I'm finally starting up my english blog. At the moment I'm touring with the theatre "Boeing, Boeing" combined with gigs and promotion for the new cd "My Rock Favourites". Working 7 days a week at the moment and it will be the same until the 18th of december. Today we've performed with Boeing, Boeing in Härnösand, which is in the upper part of Sweden. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Stockholm. First a cd-signing and then another one plus performance. After that I will go to a Christmasparty at the former footballplayer Tomas Brolins bar and restaurant Undici. After that I will continue with my friends to Motörheads concert and also their afterparty where they release a new alcohol bottle. More about it all tomorrow. :-)

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