A dream castle or an apartment?

Yesterday I came back to Stockholm from Paris. I huged my kids, made out with my husband, washed my clothes, packed the suitcase and this morning I went to Ireland, where I am now. I'm staying in a wonderful hotel with a breathtaking view. I'll take some photos later on in the week here.
Disneyland and Paris was wonderful. Most of all I was so happy to get a chance so spend some time with my sweet 10-year old nees. We had a great time together.
image description
Outside Disneyland. It was windy and cold, som the I brought my hat.
When it comes to winter I'm no viking at all. I hate when it's cold and
I looooove sunshine. I'd rather sweat than freeze, that's my motto.
image description
The que's were long to every singel ride, about an hour of wating each time,
but we didn't care that much. We had so much to talk about anyway.
Lots of talk and giggle makes time fly and it definately did. Y'know, girlstalk! ;-)
There were also lots to see if one didn't wanna que for a merry-go-round.
Here are the Pongo and the 101 (or whatever how many they were?!?) dalmatian-bridge.
image description
Castles, castles, castles.....Sleeping Beauy, Cinderella, Bauty and the Beast.....
everybody wants a castle to live happily ever after. I'm convinced you don't
need a caste to be happy. On the contrary. Just imagine all the carpenters
you have to hire all of the time to keep the house in shape. And if you
hire a bad one it might turn in to a jerry-building or if the pipes break and
then you get a damage by damp. It will be sooooo expensive and hard to

image description
We went in to the "caste" and there we found a Beauty and the
Beast-corner. I didn't know which of them I was a part of, so I pulled
down my hat over my face as a safety.
image description
It was shining incredibly beatiful in the evening, anyway. We hang around
in Disneyland until they closed, this evening.
image description
A Disney carparade in the day. Dickey Mouse and his broad were happy as usual.
A smile can be so catching. Something important to remember in the grey
weekdays. We all need to be met by a smile every now and then. :-)
image description
Goofy.....he's goofy! :-)
image description
Cruella de Ville. Ok, she's not a sweet person but wow, how I loved
Glenn Close's version of her in the movie. And the clothes she wore.....
image description
This Aladdin-car would be cool to have, while sitting in the carques in Stockholm.
If I cut in, in the que's with this car, no one would dare to grumble with me. Hee!
image description
After Disneyland, we spent two days in Paris. Sacre Coeur is a fantastic
building. We strolled around there one of the evenings. Motmartre is so
cozy with all the talented painter. Tourist trap - absolutely. But still so

Now I'm on Ireland to focus on my writing on my selfbiograply, which
I told a little bit from in my summer radio-program:
So during this next week I won't blog every day. I have to focus on my book-writing.
The next blog will be on wednesday. See you then.
Love and kisses and don't forget that each and every one of you are unique! ;-)

Postat av: Kristine

Hej Nanne, :-)

It sounds like you had so much fun on your trip even with the little problems that came your way. I'm glad. Disneyland? I'm so jealous. :-)

I'm sorry you've been sick but I am so glad that you're feeling better. Your health comes before all the internet related stuff. :-)

I look forward to reading more of your blog. :-)

Love! MagickMione. :-)

2012-01-09 @ 02:54:00
Postat av: Willie

Thanks for sharing your pics with us Nanne! I really enjoy reading your blogs. Looking forward to the next.

All the best from South Africa!

2012-01-09 @ 09:28:03

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