Intenet, Inter-not

Now we've left Disneyland behind and have arrived in Paris. The hotel is lovely, but the internet here sucks! It's slow as a very old, tired snail or even worse than that. So the thought of adding some photos here from Disneyland, tonight, is unthinkable. It will probably take hours and ages, or even more. I've tried sending twitter-messages just a while ago, and even some of those messages, without any photos, was too tough for the internet here at the hotel. So I'll blog with text and photos from this trip, on saturday evening, when I'm back in Sweden. Then I leave for Ireland on sunday, but hopefully the internet will work better there. 'Till saturday evening; take care! Love! :-)

Postat av: Willie

Lol Nanne! The internet in that hotel sounds like the internet we have here in South Africa. We don't send e-mail, we send snail-mail. Lol. Thanks for your blog. I love keeping up to date and I am glad that I won't miss out again. Take care!

2012-01-06 @ 10:42:49

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