Welcome! :-)

Now I'm finally starting up my english blog. At the moment I'm touring with the theatre "Boeing, Boeing" combined with gigs and promotion for the new cd "My Rock Favourites". Working 7 days a week at the moment and it will be the same until the 18th of december. Today we've performed with Boeing, Boeing in Härnösand, which is in the upper part of Sweden. Tomorrow I'm heading back to Stockholm. First a cd-signing and then another one plus performance. After that I will go to a Christmasparty at the former footballplayer Tomas Brolins bar and restaurant Undici. After that I will continue with my friends to Motörheads concert and also their afterparty where they release a new alcohol bottle. More about it all tomorrow. :-)

Postat av: Raoni

Hey Nanne!

It's so nice that your blog is now also in English! I'm in love with your new album, I really like all the songs!

I was thinking that you should continue doing more "favourites" albums, I would looove to see a "My Disco Favourites" coming out in the future :D

I hope you keep blogging in English! I'll read it everyday!

Happy Christmas!



2011-12-19 @ 15:19:06

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